Creative Writers

GROUP CONVENOR – Margaret Knowles

We are a group of people who enjoy writing and we meet at St Austell Arts Centre on the 3rd Monday of each month (except July and December) in the bar at 2pm until 4 pm.

We read to the group our latest pieces, written since the last meeting. No two pieces are alike, it is their diversity that makes the 2 hours so interesting and provoking comment.

10 minutes of speed writing follows, inspiration deriving from any object around us.

Before we finish we each choose a word at random to create the shortest possible comprehensible sentence.
Finally a title for our next essay/story.

A recent Limerick Writing exercise produced.

“There once was a U3A writer
Who dreamed that the world would be brighter
So he beavered away
at his keyboard all day
and sometimes he did an all nighter”

We are happy for you to come to a Coffee Morning or one main Monthly Meeting and to attend one individual group (with the exception of groups that require pre-booking and ticket purchases) before deciding whether to join St Austell u3a.

Please always contact the group convenor to ensure the session is going ahead.