We have a monthly speaker meeting, held on the 1st Thursday of the month. Doors open at 9.30am (coffee available until 10.15am) and the talk begins at 10.30am.

Dates and Speakers for 2022 Monthly Meetings

3rd February – James Murray – “Gershwin – How We Love You.”

During a career that lasted a mere twenty years George Gershwin (1898 – 1937) rose from song-plugger on Tin Pan Alley to a composer equally respected on Broadway, in the West End, in Hollywood and concert halls around the world. Few song-writers have been so widely performed by so wide a variety of artists; compilation recordings continue to find new and ever younger audiences. However, in common with many artists, fame and adulation during his lifetime did not necessarily bring happiness and the circumstances that led to his death at the age of thirty-eight are tragic indeed. James traces Gershwin’s remarkable career from Broadway to the West End and Hollywood with the aid of numerous illustrations from his life and recordings both old and new.

3rd March – Rachel Faulkner of Active Cornwall – “Live Longer Better “

This is a talk about an exciting new programme set up by Sir Muir Gray (Director of Optimal Ageing). It is a programme to increase the health span for older adults. There is a video which explains the programme on the following link:


7th April – Pamela Vass – “Breaking the Mould – The Suffragette Story in the South West

On August 4th, 1913, a car was spotted speeding away from a Devon mansion late at night. Moments later flames lit up the sky. Newspapers were filled with speculation that suffragettes were to blame. Truth or fiction? This one question opened a door to the fascinating story of the fight for the vote in the south west – not a tale of a sleepy rural backwater but of women prepared to protest at political meetings, recruit in the streets, join mass rallies in London, and suffer the agony of forced feeding in Holloway. All this … and the biggest sleepover the region has ever known!
This multimedia presentation includes original film footage, numerous illustrations, first hand suffragette accounts and readings from ‘Breaking The Mould’. Pamela is an author and speaker specialising on West Country stories.

5th May – Ian Mitchell – Oxytocin, A Love Hormone With a Dark Side

Until his recent retirement, Ian was a senior lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of Birmingham. Prior to that he held a Wellcome lectureship in neuroanatomy at the Medical School of the University of Manchester.

Oxytocin, a hormone implicated in child birth, also acts within the brain where it enables the formation of romantic and family attachments. Increased expression of trust, generosity and empathy is seen in individuals who have had the levels of oxytocin in their brain artificially boosted. This talk will review these findings and also explore how oxytocin can drive antisocial acts and thoughts.

2nd June – NB Bank Holiday No Meeting

7th July – Pat Smith AKA “Action NanQuestion and Answer Session

Pat is a well known local environmental campaigner and founder of Final Straw Cornwall.  https://bosinver.co.uk/meet-action-nan

4th August – Lyndon “Sid” Allen – “Charlestown Time & Tide

Lyndon is a passionate local historian and director of Charlestown Walking Tours. His family has a long association with Charlestown and he has a wealth of local knowledge. https://www.charlestowntours.co.uk/

1st September – Yael Shotts of the Dementia Carers Count Charity


6th October – AGM Followed by :

Andrew Johnson – “An Yeth Kernewek – the Cornish Language Past, Present and Future”

Andrew will review the history and decline of Cornish through the Tudor period, the 20th century revival, and a discussion on where it should go now. With the use of a few PowerPoint slides Andrew will also teach us a few simple phrases.

We meet at the St Austell Art Centre, Truro Road, St Austell PL25 5HJ