Please see below a letter and list from Shirley Polmounter with a request to help people at Christmas.
Shirley and Norma Jarman are happy to make up the boxes, if we, the U3A, can help with the contents. Let’s see how many we can provide. Should anyone need assistance getting items to Shirley or Norma please let me know.
Best wishes,
01726 75069                                                                                       
Hello Everyone,
Norma and I would like to thank you  for your generous  donations of toiletries that has enabled us to give the Women’s Refuges shoe boxes decorated by Norma and  filled with your toiletries.
We now wish to help the wonderful Cornish Christmas Box project, this operates across Cornwall, sadly it is recognised that this year we have many more families in need.
We aim to decorate Boxes filled with Christmas food, and hope  that those of you that are able to donate any of the items from the attached list can drop them on Norma’s House doorstep (not the business) or mine, from today until the 30th November, we will make up the boxes and  take them to the designated place in Holmbush.
Please contact us if you are able to work with friends to decorate and fill a box/es
Hopefully the U3A can help people in need with Christmas.
Keep safe
Best wishes
Shirley Polmounter.01726 74173
Norma Jarman .01726 73298
Cuddra Aquatic Centre,
Contents for 4 plus persons

  • 2 Tins Meat
  • Tin Potatoes
  • Tin Sweetcorn
  • Tin Carrots
  • Jar Cranberry Sauce /Jelly
  • Gravy Granules
  • Pkt Stuffing
  • Xmas Pudding
  • Mince Pies
  • Pkt Custard
  • Tin Fruit
  • Pkt Sweet (Yummy) Biscuits
  • Box Chocolate
  • Pkt Nibbles ( Peanuts or Nuts ir similar)
  • Chocolate Log or Xmas Cake
  • Soft  Drink (Plastic Bottle )  NO ALCOHOL

Plus any other items if wish, but no Cigarettes, Alcohol or Vouchers
Please ensure that no items will be out of DATE by Christmas