Happy Snappers

GROUP CONVENOR – Kay Armstrong

This group should appeal to those who enjoy taking photos either on their phones or camera.

Group members will need access to phones or cameras as this is the means to send and receive images, be willing to share information using their email address with other group members, to enable them to make a commitment and participate fully. The group will be run entirely on line and therefore we would not need to meet up to operate, and be covid safe. The deadline for the submission of entries is 1.00 pm on the last Monday of the month.

Patterns in Nature
Cascading Water
Cheese Scone and Cup of Tea
New Year Lighting up the Sky
New Beginnings – Amaryllis
Bit Early
Down in the Jungle
Tudor Bridge
Bridge Over the Old Railway Line Walk
Cosy Nights
Before I Forget
Favourite People
A Home in the Woods
A Woodland Glade
Red Wood Forest
Morning Light
Bit Choppy
Last One Standing
Cream right way up!
Northern Tea
3 Cream Teas
Water reflecting in the sunshine
A time for reflection
Creek Reflections
To The Beach
Footpath to The Viaduct
Into The Distance
Ever Hopeful
Spring Awakening
A Glimpse of Spring
Woodland Wonder
Happiness is Snow and Nanny
Morning Walk
View From My Window
Gardener’s Friend
Sheep in the Field
Winter Waterfall After The Rain
As light as a..
It’s Been a Good Life
Ready to Harvest for Apple Pie
Ruffled Feathers
Aliums at Their Best
Glenariff Forest Park
Playing on the Beach
Having a Garden
Pottering About
Travel to Work
Two Lights and a Grille
Horsebox – will travel but where is the horse?
Patterned Sky
Low Flying Clouds
St Austell a.m.
Deco Maze
Garden Through a Colander
Aubretia in Bloom
Beautiful Camellia
Lakeside at Pinetum
Par Beach
Wot be that up ther on a cold winters day
Heligan Cafe
Room to Dance
Space to Stop & Stare
Trenython at Christmas
Charity Christmas Lights
Boxing Day Swim
St. Austell Viaduct 1899
Houseman Jynnji
Blue Hills Mine, St Agnes
Berries for the Birds
Autumn Visitor
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The aim of the Group is to have fun, be creative and engage with others,

Each month members will submit up to 3 photos on the given theme, must be taken either that month but no longer than the past three months.

I will send all photos to the current judge who then states what he/she likes, and admires, gives feedback and why in his or her opinion there is a 1st and 2 runners up. The Judge can give their thoughts on what they would think could improve the photo. Genuine analysis appreciated, but no harsh criticism this is crucial, it must be enjoyable, recognising that people have different levels of ability.

We are happy for you to come to a Coffee Morning or one main Monthly Meeting and to attend one individual group (with the exception of groups that require pre-booking and ticket purchases) before deciding whether to join St Austell u3a.

Please use the Contact Form below to register your interest or find out more.